Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Next Step, is an article that caught my attention more than any other, mainly because I can relate to it, as well as other aspiring artists.

The Next Step, talks about the rut many assistant photographers get themselves into. They talked to a couple of different photographers about their experiences when they were assistants and the pressure and confusions that they faced during their career. The confusion and pressure I am refering to is not about the job itself but rather their ultimate goal for their career.

Micheal Murphee, a professional photographer, talked about his time as an assistant to Annie Leibovits. He discusses the choices that he was faced with. As an assistant you have small responsibilities, but you are still able to do what you love, and get paid for it. So the job is pretty great, it allows you to save money rather then spend it on supplies. The choice that many assistants are faced with is whether to spend that money on those fancy things their friends have (cars, computers, TVs etc.) or put it into your work and start your own business. Which is what a lot of assistants start out wanting to to do, but they get stuck in the trap, and never pursue their original goal.

Murphee, told American PHOTO, the only reason he has become a photographer is because throughout his entire assisting career he just kept reminding himself of his original goal, to become a photographer. Which is what most assistants fail to remember once they start making money.

So basically watch out for this assistants rut. If your ultimate goal is to make your own work, and make a career of it, just remember it and stay on track. Don't let the money fairy steer you away from the promise land.


Blogger Professor Melis said...

Awesome line about "the money fairy!"

I have a cousin trying to start her own photo business right now--very hard to do while working 40 hours for IKEA and shooting 2-4 events a weekend to pay the bills and get a "name" but I really admire her drive and it seems like she's avoided the trap of buying expensive things--other than that latest camera I'm so jealous of :-)

3:00 PM  
Blogger M.D. said...

OF COURSE, we all want the LATEST tool in our professions!!!!!!!!!!! But it is the "eye" behing the camera that makes the image, not the tool! (I still want that $5000 camera too but this makes me feel better!)

1:21 PM  

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