Thursday, September 14, 2006

One thousand words...

The article I read, "One Thousand Words...," was a bit of an advertisement, but is was mainly from the photographer the article was about so it's okay with me. Also it was for a camera I desperately want. So if anyone feels the need to purchase a gift for me, this would be a great choice.

Dave Black, a sports photographer, talks about his experience when photographing the Kentucky Derby this year, which is done every year. Unlike most photographers Black planned out this one shot three months in advance. He also arrived at the Derby to set up the clamps at 8:30 in the morning to ensure a spot for the race at 5:30pm. I guess only the early bird can catch the worm. The camera he used was the Nikon D2x, with a nikkor 10.5 fisheye lens. He goes on to say how great the ergonomics of the body are, the great colors that come from D2x, and the reliability. So I will just sum it all up for you: Nikon is amazing, buy one, or you could just buy me one.

The photograph was published in the Blood-Horse. This magazine allowed Black a lot of freedom to take what he wanted, which is good since that’s the only way he would shoot. Black's images are unique, for one reason, and that is because he makes it so. He will look specifically for the odd or different shot, a shot no one else would think of. With the Derby he shot it from the top right corner of the start gate. A position no one else had.

Black studied graphic design and illustration in college and it wasn't until his last year he discovered his talent for photography. His fame came from being a gymnast throughout his schooling. He became a gymnastics coach after college and started photographing events. He became very good and was offered a job at the 84' Olympic games, where he launched his career in sports photography.

His background in gymnastics allowed him to know what the other photographers didn't know. He knew how the events worked, when important things would happen, like where they would be placed when they won. The shot that pushed his career forward was when Mary Lou Retten received an ovation for winning the gold. He was the only photographer to get a close up shot.

Dave Black sums it all by saying "Most photographers, tend to work very hard at capturing the moment. I try to find something that will separate me from whoever else is shooting that day."


Blogger Professor Melis said...

Thank you Angel for being the first person to post a third journal! I will work on seeing if we can get you a Nikon as a prize (just kidding--sorry :-) Thanks also for including a representative image. I've commented a lot today, so will hold back and see if anyone else wants to add to this one first.

4:13 PM  
Blogger marydorsey said...

Have faith: it is the eye/mind behind the camera, not the camera, that takes the picture! You probably make images that are just as good! Still, it is a nice camera!

10:57 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

I's only a tool. It's like the students who think a better computer will make them better designers. It's tough to limit a truly creative individual.

Again...have faith in yourself and your eye.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Ruthy said...

Hey Angel let me know if you find some good deals on cameras because I'm trying to get me a good camera!

6:46 PM  

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