Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lose Wait Now

In the October issue of Popular Photography John Owens discusses Microsoft’s attempt at understanding photography a bit more. They held a conference in June, the pro photography summit. They did this in order to learn more about what photographers wanted in computer programs.

For early 2007, Microsoft is putting together a new operating system called Vista. This will give Microsoft OS and Window XP photographic tools, such as image-editing tools, a fast search library, color management, auto file back up, and the ability to handle RAW files. Many of these tools, Apple already has but Microsoft will go above and beyond, they hope.

The main issue almost or the three hundred photographers at this conference shared was: "We need technology that frees us from the computer and just lets us shoot." So here are some of the issues they are trying to conquer:

Universal archiving format:
Making RAW formats accessible 20 years from now, even if that particular company goes out of business.

Quick and easy copyright:
Embedding a copyright as soon as the photo is taken.

Automatic transfer:
Transferring your images to anyone you choose as soon as they shot is taken. Having an immediate backup for your images.

Metadata made easy:
Camera or computer filing our data into the computer; choosing a name and a folder for us. Separating images by recognition, landscapes, portraits...etc.

More time behind the camera:
With all of these features we wouldn't have to worry about being behind the computer all the time, unless... it didn't work. Should we trust technology to do all of this for us? Some of these sound great, while others sound sketchy. I don't know if I could trust my computer that much after all the trouble it has already caused me. If it worked all the time then...great.

I do however, like the sound of Microsoft catching up to Macs. I am a stubborn person, and love my PC. I know where everything is in my computer and I can find almost any problem and fix it. Macs, I am clueless, I guess it takes time. But if Microsoft is going to catch up then I can remain stubborn.


Blogger mary said...

Microsoft announced this new OS endeavor at least 5 years ago (codename Longhorn), so it's about time they are releasing it. From what I hear, it will be changing file structures and other things that Windows users love. In fact, the new system will look and act remarkably like a Mac. The best thing about it is that security on a PC will hopefully be much better.

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