Monday, October 30, 2006


I use the term motivation because it is the common linking word for Tim, Mary and I's exhibition in February. My thesis project will be a thorough exploration of the various facets of design language and how they can be used to raise awareness of the debate over a United States National language. This is fastly becoming a rather heated topic, one which will force me to be fearless, to challenge myself on both a citizen and designer level. Not only does it tap into my designer fears of tackling a touchy subject, but it also addresses fears the general public may have. The two dominate fears being of discrimination and of losing a national identiy (at least that's my take on it). I will use language skills familiar to me in tandem with image skills I may currently be lacking to produce a set of posters exploring both sides of the issue. In addition to the gallery, the pieces will be seen on campus and throughout Manhattan with plans of inciting an online dialogue (via blog) with the audience.

I'm curious what your thoughts are on the idea of the United States naming English as our national language. As a group, we come from a variety of backgrounds, so would you be so kind as to give your thoughts. Thanks!


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