Monday, October 09, 2006

STEP- Fear & Risk

In the world of today, fear is an all-to-familiar feeling. Many current brands are paralyzed by the fear of challenging the norm. Along with them, are the designers. It was mentioned in a previous post the tendency for designers to resist pushing borders due to fear. But a fear of what?

I realize there’s a client involved, but how many times does an innovative idea ever reach the client? Do most designers censor themselves before ever giving the client a chance to shoot the idea down? Are we gun-shy? As the article mentions “risk aversion kills ideas, innovation and unmet needs and desires”. I question whether we as designers use the client as a scape-goat for our lack of courage.

Again, what do we really have to be afraid of. It’s just design...right?

There are a couple examples of brands breaking the rules on the above website (click the title bar of this post). Check them out if you wish, but I found the overall debate more interesting than the visuals.


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