Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thank you

As I recently reminded each of you in an email, it is half-way through the semester. Thank you for creating posts and comments. Thank you, Seiji for preventing spam and remembering our birthdays!

This week I have asked you to consider your projects instead of discussing articles (with the exception of the articles we will discuss over lunch on Friday). Next week I will want you to post what you are working on after you and I have met this week. After that I will be looking for those of you not graduating to (a) catch up on the number of posts or comments you have missed if you have missed any and (b) write a short article yourself. We will determine the subject matter together when the time comes, for now, you are free to work on describing your current projects.

In the last posts, I was most interested in the notions of fear vs. freedom raised by Eric and Tim, though I would have, as with most of the latest postings, liked to have seen more discussion of what the people doing the posting thought of the subject vs questions asked to everyone else. I think the idea that school is more freeing and inspiring than work for many designers is interesting given the fear with which many of my students at the intro level face their projects and the prospect of a bad grade. Maybe we shouldn't give grades in the intro class until the end and just give lots of comments. Maybe all of the facutly should have to come comment on the 201's class work the way we do for senior studio. It seems that one task I need to work harder on as a teacher is encouraging risk-taking and getting the students accustomed to lots of productive criticism.

I also liked the way Jeff Pulaski tied together NPR and Comm Arts in his posting, though again, I have to ask Jeff, "what do you think?"

Over the rest of the semester, ask yourselves this again and again: "what do YOU think?" Thank you for the thinking you have done together so far.


Blogger Eric said...


Are we back to posting as regular now, or are we still needing to post on what we will be doing this semester?

11:31 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

OK. So I'm a dumbass and didn't thoroughly read your post. My bad :)

3:10 PM  

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