Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Girl's Guide to Writing and Publishing

The Girl’s Guide to Writing and Publishing

In the Jul/Aug issue of Print magazine, Jami Attenberg criticizes chick-lit authors for not thinking outside of the box. Each book fits into a neat formula of a girl meeting two guys, one right and one wrong, and goes to her gay male friend for advice. Eventually her actions lead her to the right guy and the novel ends.
After Candace Bushnell released Sex and the City, and Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones’s Diary, the chick-lit market skyrocketed. However, Attenberg says that while the market has skyrocketed, the chick-lit image has stayed the same. “The publishing industry loves to put its products into neat marketing boxes. Maybe over the next decade, chick-lit authors will learn how to punch their way out”. Attenberg has created a chart that links the similarities between around 30 books.
I think this article brings about an important question. How much do you listen, as the designer, to the creativity of a design and how much to what sells in the current market? Where do business and art meet?


Blogger Eric said...

Your question taps into the age-old debate over whether design is business or art. It's great to have a unique personal style as a designer, but you still have to sell your ideas to the client. You have to be a true salesman to break the mold.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Professor Melis said...

I read that article a while back and I recall its accomnpanying images of high heels, martini glasses and hot pink. I have found many of my female undergrads attempting to mimic that look in the last couple of years in their designs and not thought of a great way to combat the imitation since sex (in the city) so obviously sells. Perhaps requiring them to read this article and discuss what makes their design fit or not fit into the mold and why they are choosing a design that does or does not fit would be a good tool. This and other similar readings could help them identfiy what strategies they are using and enable them to defend either choice.

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