Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Google Table

On You Tube, there is an example of how some researchers are working on a more interactive way to work with the computer. It's real inventive! Basically, you can interact with the computer using your hands (but no mouse or tablet)! You can resize windows and screens, give it voice commands, etc. Can you imagine one day being able to work on your digital art just like working on a solid sheet of canvas? That would be SO awesome!

This technology is in it's infancy, but not brand new. You can even experience a form of this in a Kansas City AMC theater. They have this projector shine on the floor and these cars go around a track. But if you step on the track, the cars will jam against your foot. In my Japanese school, technologist brought this chalkboard where as you write notes on the board, it will memorize everything on the computer realtime! So, you can go back in your computer later to see what you wrote, email them to absent students, etc. So, physical interaction with computers is on the way! But as the video shows, most likely it will get popular first with Gamers.

For the YouTube video:

For the guy's website (Edward Tse):


Blogger Professor Melis said...

What would the effect of having canvas-like screens be on design? Would it be as radical as when lithography allowed large organic poster design to form vs. letterpress grid-based broadsides? Or will there be less of a difference given the drawing and painting capabilities the mouse or stylus already allows us to use? What if graphic designers can stand or dance to do their work?

8:46 PM  
Blogger Number Ten said...

this opens up all kinds of possibilities. very interesting thinking. i know the new nintendo game system employs a form of this. you move your controller around to throw a punch or kick or a sword.

1:25 PM  

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