Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jill Greenberg Photographs

Sorry I have been absent from the conversation for a while. I will get caught up as soon as I can.

In last month’s Communication Arts magazine (the photography annual) there are a series of photographs by Jill Greenberg (page 138-139). Basically, the photos are of children crying. They have an interesting light and texture quality. They look surreal, like they were painted. A number of weeks or months ago I heard a story on NPR or a segment on CBS’s Sunday Morning, I don’t remember which. It was interesting to hear about the photographs and the controversy surrounding them. Greenberg takes these kids into her studio with their parents. She gives them candy or other stuff and then takes it away in an attempt to make them cry. When they do, she takes their picture. She calls it art, others call it child-abuse or pornography.

This is a link to the photographs. At the bottom of the page, there is a link to an essay called “Regarding What is Real in Photography” on the exhibition.

They reference the monkey portraits in a number of the posts and you can see them here if interested.

This is a link to a post about her on a blog that has created quite a stir.

This is a link to an interview with Greenberg in American Photo magazine.

It is an interesting discussion. What do you think?


Blogger marydorsey said...

The monkey looks less upset than the kid! Did they take something away from it too? I understand that artists have to do something radical to get attention but I wouldn't call it ART!

9:02 AM  

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