Friday, October 27, 2006

Quo vadis?

Where are you going?
I've been getting this question a lot since I started on my MFA. Everyone thinks I am moving on, when in fact I am rooted here. Where I am going with this MFA journey is on a design investigation. I've always liked to plan and map out a place before I visit, and this journey is no different. My thesis will reflect on ways in which I have investigated process and design issues, and cultivated my role as a designer/educator. It will also discuss the conceptual use of mapping as a metaphor and delve into imagery and design that visually interprets experience- of a place or a life event. I have been exploring the concept of topophilia- establishing a conceptual and emotional bond with a place- and what a visitor viewpoint can bring to a "place."

I will be writing about some of the solutions I have created, specifically my Survival Stories books, the Vision Chicago project, Prairie Mosaic poster, and most recently the Fabulous Desert Ecotone project with deck of cards.

Tim and Eric and I are collaborating on a "Conversation Map" of i-chats we are having relating to thinking about our thesis and exhibition. This will be an intertwining piece for our exhibition- showing our thought processes along the journey. More on this later as it develops!


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