Friday, November 03, 2006

Sustainability Design

Lately I have been working on 2 books dealing with overpopulation/population control. One is a desk calendar book and a condom book. The calendar book deals with the transition of time and how population has increased over the years and how it has impacted all of us in some kind of way. I decided to make it into a calendar because it deals with time. As the time progresses the population increases as well as problems, I plan to show those problems through the images and text.

The condom book deals with all the methods that we can use to control overpopulation. It will be package in a condom box. I plan to have 20 different methods of birth control and each of them will look like little posters on the back of a condom wrapper. This condom book will be text dominated while the calendar book will be image dominated.

I’m having a good time with these books, specially the condom book uhaaaaa!!


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