Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Readings for Spring 2008


TH 1/17 Intro

T 1/22

TH 1/24

T 1/29 Strong Words

TH 1/31 Encyclopedia Erratica

T 2/5 Women and Design by Michael Bierut

TH 2/7 No Class – MK 12 VISITING

T 2/12 How High Do We Set the Bar for Education? - Meredith Cullen

TH 2/14 Remaking Theory, Rethinking Practice - Andrew Blauvelt

T 2/19 Designer as Author Series SVA: Ellen Lupton
to access:
-enter itunes store and click "podcasts"
-search for SVA MFA Designer as Author: Guest Lectures

The Producers by Ellen Lupton

TH 2/21 CAA - Dallas

T 2/26 Is Apple Soft on Crime?

Under Consideration/Speak up Response:

TH 2/28 Designers don't read...enough by Armin Vit

T 3/4 Sustainable Consumerism
By Chris Riley (Émigré)

TH 3/6 Alice Twemlow
When Did Posters Become Such Wallflowers? (Design Observer)

T 3/11 Digital Humanism - Charles H. Traub and Jonathan Lipkin

TH 3/13 Of Bonding and Bondage: Cult, Culture, and the Internet - Denise Caruso

T 3/18 Spring Break

TH 3/20 Spring Break

T 3/25 In and Around: Cultures of Design and the Design of Cultures
Part I , By Andrew Blauvelt (Émigré)

TH 3/27 In and Around: Cultures of Design and the Design of Cultures
Part II, By Andrew Blauvelt (Emigré)

T 4/1 Design as Slow Motion Train Wreck

TH 4/3 DSVA - Dallas

T 4/8 Why is This Font Different Form All Other Fonts?

TH 4/10 Graphic Authorship - Michael Rock

T 4/15 The Designer as Producer - Ellen Lupton

TH 4/17 Reed Fahnestock's MFA Thesis Paper

T 4/22 Back to School

TH 4/24

T 4/29

TH 5/1

T 5/6

TH 5/8 –Last day of class


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